Daar is ie
Waar ben ik nu?

Tokyo oct.'17

Olive Eye Galery October 9-14th. 2017
Ginza-district, Tokyo.

My big helpers Kimio san & Motoki san, whom I met while traveling hole of Japan, kept an eye on my art-work and are helping me now to become 'famous' in Japan!

Kimio-& Motoki san

Talking about how to sell these paintings! :-)


Tokyo visit Tanabe visit

Many visitors who were astonished and so nice to come. And thank you for your gifts!

Specially from The Netherlands my neace Esther with her colleague from Singapore! 

Esther and friendAnd everybody is astonished about the folded cranes but the sizes are to big for normal Japanese house walls.

So, trying to fold some smaller ones!!!

big cranes

Fuji san

Future ideas: Fuji san!!!!

On our way to Hiroshima this beautiful view.

We're going to talk about my work at 'the Orizuru Tower' museum near the memorial park about the atomic bomb that ended the 2 world war!

visit Orizuru Tower

This new museum is opened in 2016, and it's about peace in the world by/and folding cranes!

Coincidence? Noooo, that doesn't exist! Teachings by Taoïsm... 
Negotiations are in progress for maybe a beautiful 2018.

vieuw from my stay TokyoMy beautiful view of stay in Tokyo!

Tokyo feb.'18 : Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize contest&exhibition!

Ueno contest '18

With 3 paintings (in the back) I'm trying to compete in the Japan contest of artists 2018. Out of 1000 paintings, 130 will be shown in several museums in Japan.

Meanwhile I'm visiting friends in Tanabe and travel about 2 weeks through Japan, also donating a small painting at Hiroshima's new museum about 'World peace': Orizuru Tower, I visited before in Oct. '17.

And I'm welcome to stay at Kimio's place in Tokyo for 2 times 1 week!


First visit Aikido profounder in Tanabe
Ueshiba Morihei.

                            Already sakura at Kozanji temple.

Kozanji temple

The place where he's buried 1969!

Memorial park

Hiroshima 'memorial park'

Together with Kimio san, who wanted to make it official, we donate my portait of Sasaki Sadako, who folded 1000 cranes to recover from leukemia after the atomic bomb!

                                Sasaki Sadako

Orizuru TowerPlease visit this place ... go to the upper floor ... fold a crane ... and throw it in the glazen Orizuru wall showing your wish for the world peace!!!

Hiroshima castle

Miyajima torii

And when you're in Hiroshima : 20 min. by train and 15 min. by boat > the best place to visit: Itsukushima shrine with it's beautiful Torii of Miyajima!

World heritage, a must see.

Next, one of my biggest heroes... 17th. century Miyamoto Musashi! The most famous samurai who finally knew with NOT fighting, you'le win much more! The ground principles of Aikido (later).

His last battle was at the island Ganryujima. So Just on my path to visit!

Ganryujima battleThe government politics wanted to know who is the best samurai!
It could only decided by the other's death.

Musashi always decided in 'the NOW' (last moment) what to do!

With much respect of Sasaki Kojiro's much longer sword he decided to take the wooden oar of the boat he came with and waited the sun to shine in Kojiro's eyes! One blow on his skull was enough!

Later he became very famous, also by writing 'the book of 5 rings'.

Musashi - Kojiro copy boat

I received a message from Kimio san about the contest! In a polite way they put 'the Gaijin' out of the contest!
Craftwork instead of paintwork.... although my paintings contain also several folded origami cranes! They are all painted by hand and also painted canvas with oil-or acryl-paint! Okay, van Gogh also had a tough life!

Better visit some gardens and drink a cup of tea then! :-)

Kanazawa has one of Japans most famous gardens!!

Tea houseKenrokuen garden at Kanazawa!

11,4 HA of Japanese garden.


Even the famous Haiku poet Basho wrote a poem in this garden!

brightly red is the sun
still heartlessly hot
but autumn is in the breeze

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) The most famous poet of the EDO period in Japan.

Kanazawa river Geisha district

tea pathAfter NOT KNOWING what to do next I visited Toyama... NOT KNOWING where to go...

Exhaustion after walking miles through this city towards a forest where I wanted to wait and stay before my final visit to Tokyo! I came here at a beautiful path with a sign!

Toyama Tea-ceremony house Enzan-an! (I took part in a 2 year course of deepening life by a tea-ceremony)      

garden of tea

I was invited in for a rest and a traditional cup of macha-tea with a sweet for contrasting the bitternes of macha-tea! How compareble with life of it's own!

macha tealooking outside in the garden I felt satisfied of my trip and life because of this simple gift! That's what's life about. Isn't it?

tea room

Back to Tokyo and my last surprise-gift!

place to stayabove 'Asahi's beer drop' I stay my days in Tokyo!

Because of the bright day I slip in the sky-tree ... because ...

sky tree tower

350 m'. high ...

fuji san

from my window I could see 'fuji san', but from the 'sky tree' the view is great also!

Bye bye Tokyo/bye bye Japan!

Hope my painted cranes will fly back home sometime!