Daar is ie
Waar ben ik nu?

As from about 2002 I started to paint because I wanted to become more free in designing houses which I needed in my work. Eventually making Art got more my interest and took over the work instead the technical drawings I made as an architect.

   Even my spiritual path in growing, is a better combination with making art then designing and constructing 
                     First reason in drawing which took my attention was this view lying beside me! :-)

                        nude 1                                                                                              and afterwards turning around....

nude 2


Both pencil on paper.
So I went to study at the free academy of art for improving the techniques
and learning to search for a way to express myself!

nude cubism

Oil-painting 800x600mm. on canvas.portrait Grard Sientje

Portrait of famous inhabitant 20th. century of my hometown! (acrylic painting on wood plate. eyes are to close/first mistake :-)

self portraitSelf portrait: the same way.

Boeddha face, acrylic on canvas. I'm using putty knifes more and more to paint with!

Monks-dreamExpressing a dream. Monks on their way, following a small path from the mist to a bright light! (acrylic on canvas 800x600mm.)

AikidoAfter my first visit to Japan and big interest of Aikido we had to express movement in a painting! (acrylic on canvas)

IaidoVisited a dojo where Iaido was practiced!

But also my labrador-dog Chouffe had great movements after swimming..... :-)

Chouffe doubleTrying Japanese colored style...

And by reading a Japanese newspaper I was fascinated by Asian eyes!
So this was my interpretation of making a paper-collage after visiting Japan.


Real 'La Chouffe'
Temporary chalk-drawing on my former chalkboard-kitchen door!
The best Belgium beer's logo!

After visiting New-Zealand and visiting a colony of birds (Jan van Genten)

This theme is called: Beastly!

Beastly birds
Canvas, acrylic 1200x900

Mount Doom
New-Zealands northern island. Tongariro-crossing. An Ice-cold experience! I hear this volcano is very active at the moment! :-) You must know it by the name 'Mount Doom'...

oil-painting with different materials.

model naked

Siberian charcoal drawing of a model.

After that,the same model in a painting of oil ....

nice boots      Next theme is ' light ', and I used linoleum to cut out layers!
This lady looked through the curtains on a sunny morning....

printed on washi-paper!   sunlight in the morning

And then one of my spiritual paintings: Walking straight without being derived from ......  :-)

My footsteps in real sand focussing in being NOW!
Oil-painting 1500x1500mm. (canvas & washi-paper/Japanese ink)

footsteps in NOW
Model was the lady from the Japanese newspaper!

Next: pimp up a famous painting!
Waterhouse (English artist painted Hellas being seduced by nymphs in a pond)
So this is me being seduced by ladies I knew in the past in a cesspool! :-)
Swamps and nature-environment in my neighborhood.
1400x900mm. painted in oil on canvas.


So there was also a theme: self-portrait. I thought about misery, insight and relief in my life.
3 portaits on wood panels with acrylic paint/ecoline ink. And after that because of my spiritual teachings the same portraits on a transparent cube!

suffering enlightened insight

transparent1 kube2

Using a symbol for a theme I chose the spiral for being a natural beautiful form and made a female ZEN-garden of transparent plastics and glass painted with acrylics. 

ZEN-gardenIt can be used as a lamp!

Then after I was in Mongolia for the first time and also making Haiku's I started to combine them.

rough Mongolia

5 elementsUsing materials from a rebuilding of my house I expressed the five elements. Earth, water, fire, air and nothing/ether/cosmos! [explanation] To enter heaven from earth can be achieved. Only it's a very narrow path (bridge) and you'll have to go through fire (mirror by looking to yourself inside yourself) .

bridge vieuw

I also used Corten-A steel for the bridge. One of my favorite materials.

To make an object or painting which had as a theme 'into space', I chose to make a lamp for my dining table.
It had to be of light weight, so Japanese style: Bamboo and washi-paper! :-)

dragon lamp bamboo&washi

Now hanging here in an atelier.

in the dark

 To give it something extra, I painted some details.

And with chopsticks in a bold object to cover the electric wire it shows Japanese hair dressing for extra detail!

TsuruDetails as Mount Fuji, a geisha but most important my favorite bird I went to watch on Hokkaido : the tsuru/crane birds!


So now I come closer to go traveling by my car towards South-Siberia, Mongolia and Japan. My paintings become more oriented that way!

my roadMy road of traveling from a Buddha-heart feeling...

Things fall together on that road. Mainly my strong feelings for Japan, Buddha/universal-teachings and the books and teachings I've had about Shamanism from the area of South-Siberia & Mongolia!

oak-tree inside1000x1500mm.
Inside an oak-tree in the neighboorhood from my Shamanic teacher 'a La France'!

And here a triptych, looking in a position of repose, towards my big traveling to come, from a tatami-floor!
3x 900x1400mm. Acrylic paint on canvas.

tatami1 tatami2 tatami3

Another poem with Japanese tsunami. 400x400mm. Ink on canvas!


Theme light again. I took streetlights at night. Walhalla refers to my castle-café, getting drunk and have to go down the stairs...... in my young days! A long long time ago! :-)

pink sky with streetlight500x500mm. acrylic on canvas.

Walhalla late at night
800x1200mm. acrylic and colored charcoal on canvas.

I saw a nice picture and was seduced again..... So I tried some different materials in this painting!
jute on canvas! 700x700mm.

beautiful buttocksSimple called beautiful buttocks! ;-)

Now get seriously again.....

ZEN-meditation.... after looking at a ZEN-painting.... : my interpretation ---- >

ZEN butterfly

Getting loose from this heavy society of which we take care ourselves!

My way of traveling felt the same...

You can compare this also with getting stuck in your thoughts! Stop thinking and be alert in being NOW!

Before I leave for my journey our last theme of my 9 years long practice of art is Music.
One of my best friends plays the trombone for us and I start painting with the music in the NOW!


1400x900mm. Acrylic on canvas.
It's called TOETERGEPLOETER! I don't know an English word for it. 

In about 3 to 4 years I also painted 22 pieces of art-paintings following a spiritual path and looking at 22 cards of TAROT!

So following now these paintings you can see one by one.
They all are 800x1200mm. Acrylic and some different materials on canvas.

0 the fool 0 1 the magician 1 2 the high priestess 2

3 the empress 3 4 the emperor 4 5 the hierophant 5

6 the lovers 6 7 the chariot 7 8 strength 8

9 the hermit 9 10 wheel of fortune 10 11 justice 11

12 the hanged man 12 13 death 13 14 temperance 14

15 the devil 15 16 the tower 16 17 the star 17

18 the moon 18 19 the sun 19 20 judgement 20

21 the world 21
In this period which was also the same as my last 4 years of art-school, I felt becoming more free in expressing myself.

Time to leave the roots! :-)

All my journey/traveling is exemplified on the other pages of this website!

So now (August 2012) after 1 year traveling and 4 months being back to the roots I filled my time about making a portrait of my late father's. My family will make an exhibition of his art-work in future. About 100 sculptures and 50 paintings he made.
That's why I worked on a series of portraits of him to show at the exhibition. 

oiltubesI'm using his old stuff like cut-open oilpaint-tubes on an old wooden board.
His hair is washi-paper from needles from his garden, book glue, potato starch and some of his ashes.

glass plate

On a glass plate (plexiglass) I painted his portrait with watery acrylic paint and ecoline-ink on the backside in a mirror image.

iron wire portrait

And from iron rods and led I made this portrait.
I never did welding before, but I'm glad I know how to do it now! :-)

So now these 3 portraits have to be put together somehow!

all together portrait
In front of each other or in a different way! I don't know yet! :-)
Working with focussing in the NOW will tell..... sometime.

My dad

3 x portrait

His sculptures and paintings will be shown on 

Feb. 2013! Back in the Netherlands again.
I'm having a new START in ART...

Tsuru Art Studio
Tsuru Art Studio!

Expressing my thoughts, traveling-experiences and being in the moment into a piece of art, (for the rest of my live, I think) is the one and only thing I want to do at the moment.

Gobi desert

Mongolia Gobi desert. Visited a wonderful monastery!

Wakayama ladies
Making portraits of female friends
at Wakayama prefecture.
Brazilian Dutch guys

Dutch boys from Brazil! Oil-painting 1000x1400mm. sons of a friend.

start kraanvogelsNow I'm making 3 pieces of 1000 cranes.
1000x1000 mm.

Smallest cranes are about 30x30mm. folded... It takes a while, but I'm busy...

Sen Tsuru/1000 cranes

Yin Yang in Japan!

3 paintings in acryl with Japanese cranes in oil!

tsuru 01 tsuru 02 tsuru 03

      and again 1000 cranes: Trinity.


Coming next : elements (still making 1000 cranes..... :-)
July 2013.

          09.09.2013 and there it is!

5 elementsprepared at my new

More cranes......

crane 01

Both 1000x1400mm. Oil and Acryl on canvas.

crane 02I used material from an inside door I destroyed
in my house.

In the door itself I'm painting the next ones.


It's me thinking how to come to Mount Belucha in South-Siberia and a farm-girl I've met at a women's monastery in Tibet with the Himalaya mountains in the back ground.
Both the mountains are mentioned to be borders of Shangrila!

Nachi fall
3d border of Shangrila (they say) at Nachi Falls in Japan.
Together they're painted in 1 door.

door open :    inside

door closed : door closed 

And the rest of the door :

experiment ;-)     

An ode to a diva and the love of her horse : MangAnnelie       Mango&Annelie

1200x800mm. Acryl, Oil, Ink.

Changed my ZEN-butterfly-painting.